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 2024  Meeting Schedule

 Subject to Changes


 Ron Case               Jan/Feb        
  ########             March          
G.Ingersoll                April            
 Rich Martin                May           
 Melvin Ramos           June            

Stephen Schmidt      July        
Marco Totaro         September     
Charles Musto         October         
Bill Downing            November      

Clarification of Rules : Lottery Tickets and Sunshine Gifts&Cards  
Lottery Tickets:

        To encourage members to drive their Thunderbirds to the meetings.     A one dollar Instant Scratch off NJ Lottery will be awarded to each member, who drives their 1955, 1956 or 1957 Thunderbird to a regular club meeting.   
Sunshine Gifts:

        In the event of a member, a spouse or a significant other’s passing ; A $100 gift , if a member's child a $75 gift
       In the event of a member’s blood relative’s passing;  A Sympathy card will be sent  
       In the event of a member’s illness or injury ; A Get Well card will be sent.  This may be sent on as many occasions as is called for. 
       In the event of a member being out of touch for a long period of time A “Thinking of you” card will be sent. This may be used in long term sick or distress and may be used for members who have not attended any functions or meetings in a long time.

Check Newsletter for up todate changes

Be sure to let webmaster know of any changes to your roster info