There has been a lot of talk in CTCI concerning an upcoming vote to include Retro Birds into CTCI. I will offer my opinion, but please vote as you feel.

Many members on the surface are saying, sure let them in, it will increase the membership, but there is a lot more to it than that. The only similarities between the Retro's and the Classics is they are both 2 seaters. My feeling is there is little proof admitting the Retro will increase membership. Many CTCI members already own a Retro, quite a few members I have spoken to may even drop their CTCI membership if retros are included, and there are at least 2 other major Thunderbird clubs (VTCI & ITC) that have a large amount of Retro owners. I believe the cost to make the Retros equal in judging and documents, books, etc. could be a losing endeavor. Lastly, anyone with a love of the "Baby" birds can belong to CTCI and can enjoy all that CTCI has to offer, except for Concours judging. So please do some homework before voting.

Also if you think the awards banquettes are long now, just imagine what that would be like, not to mention the size of the Early Bird magazine.

OK , I got that off my chest, now just go and enjoy your Thunderbirds